Weasel Weights

It turns out that weasels on the Chayne are slightly larger than the average.

I have been trapping more and more weasels over the past few days, culminating last night with three males within half a square mile. One had clambered in to inspect the smell of rotten fish in the mink trap, and the other two had been caught as they dashed across gateways. In order to get an idea of what sort of state the weasels are in up on the Chayne, I started weighing and measuring them to provide an average. Oddly, I have only caught males so far this year, and following some simple maths, I found that they are actually quite large by national standards.

With an average weight of 132 grammes, the Chayne weasels were at the top end of the scale, and measuring 10.5 inches from nose to tail meant that they are longer than most. I don’t know what I expected to find when I started weighing and measuring dead weasels, but it’s quite interesting to know that the ones I am catching are on the larger side. As soon as I catch enough stoats to do an average, I will, because judging by the handful I have caught so far, they are far bigger than the national average.

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