Shredder and the Shaving Foam Cap

Nothing is more entertaining than the cap from a can of shaving foam

Just thought it was worth posting this picture of one of my two new ferret kits playing with the cap from a can of shaving foam. She was dumped in the bath to amuse herself while I dealt with the pheasant chicks which are settling in to their new home in my sitting room, and when I came back, she had the cap stuck on her head. I reached down to take it off, but it fell off before I got close. Startled, the kit (named Shredder) instantly jammed her face back into the plastic lid and walked around with it as if it was some kind of space helmet. She was clearly enjoying herself, so I left her to it and took some photographs. Every time it fell off, she shoved it back on again with great enthusiasm, setting off on a victory lap of the bath.

I’ve been living in a house without a television for eighteen months now. The absence of telly was very conspicuous for the first few weeks of withdrawal, but since then, I have hardly noticed. With pheasants and ferrets bedlaming around the house (in seperate rooms, obviously – that’s not a lesson I need to learn at first hand), it’s hard to imagine how I’d ever have time to watch television now anyway.

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