Finish Line

The final illustration is finished! (click for full size)

Generous visitors to this blog who have come back a few times will have spotted that I have been working on a second project alongside the actual management of the Chayne. Over the last two years, I have been writing and illustrating a book about black grouse which covers natural and sporting history, moorland management and behaviour, and the due date for submission to the publishers is the last day in August.

Despite having had more than two years to prepare for the deadline, the last week has been extremely busy. I have just had my illustrations back from the printers and the whole project is currently sitting in a brown envelope waiting to go into the post box. I just wanted to thank all of the readers who have helped with my research for this book and to let the nation know that, as of next summer, it should be available for sale in a bookshop near you!

The publishers are yet to decide on a title for the book, but all progress with its publication will be detailed on this blog. In the meantime, the above illustration is designed to fill a gap by showing just how spectacular these birds really are.

Incidentally, now that they have been scanned and their digital copies sent away, I find myself in the position of being able to offer over a hundred full colour gouache original paintings featuring black and red grouse for sale. If you aren’t sick of looking at black grouse after visiting this blog and are prepared to have one hanging on your wall, get in touch… hawk, tout, wheeler deal etc.

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