Folded Ears

I've never seen ears like these before -

I don’t plan to turn this blog into a sinister gallery of deformed rabbits, but having posted about a Three Legged Rabbit that I caught with my ferrets in January, it would be odd if I didn’t mention the unusually arranged pair of ears which I came across this evening.

With the exception of myxomatosis, it’s rare to come across bunnies that are in anything but A1 condition, but this blighter’s ears were unusually crinkled and rather than rising vertically out of the head, turned apart like a blackcock’s tail after two inches. Despite this abnormality, which, I will admit, made me deliberately target this individual with the rifle despite there being several easier to shoot bunnies in the vicinity, the ears were causing him little distress. There were no sores or obvious causes for the malformation, and it’s just another one of those inexplicable oddities that mother nature throws out every now and again.

Far from pondering on the indecipherable mystery of the folded ears, my ferrets gobbled down the rabbit’s mortal remains with a rather unpleasant lip-smacking sound.


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