The First Woodcock

This isn't one of my photographs, but it's really great

Just wanted to record the fact that I saw my first woodcock of the season this afternoon. It flushed from the top of the woodcock strip and flew out over the heather after I had walked past, and it was a great sight. It’s still quite early for woodcock to be arriving, but I suppose with the full moon last week, anything is possible. The big numbers will arrive next month, and it will be interesting to see whether or not the changes I have made to the strip will be to their liking.

The Chayne has really taken a step into autumn over the past week, ever since the first clouds of fieldfares arrived on Wednesday. The hill is losing its lovely fox red colour and is turning into the standard “molinia beige” which will see it through until April. The seasons are changing, but  there is still plenty to look forward to…


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