Training Day

Keen as mustard on her first trip out.

With all the chaos and confusion caused by taking on a new puppy, it’s been easy to lose track of the seasons. It’s now time for ferreting, and my four savage cylinders are raring to get started.

The little jills have never worked before, so today formed a basic introduction to the world of rabbits and rabbiting. Taking them to a place where I knew that the warrens were either or empty or holding just a few rabbits, I attached their ferret location collars and set them off for an exploratory mission. Both vanished for some time, but the locator told me that they were just having a good old wander around underground, and within half an hour, they were back in the box and on the walk back home. I think it’s good to give them a bit of a dummy run before going “live”, but there is so much controversy about keeping and working ferrets that I’m sure that others would disagree.

When the hobs went to their first warren last year, there was all sorts of fooling around and silliness. By comparison, the jills went straight in and carried out a thorough examination of the premises before returning above ground. It’s still very early days, but it could be that these two little polecats have the potential to be great little workers.

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