Leaps and Bounds

She can come with me at last - it's being a steep learning curve.

After nearly a month of pet ownership, my life is beginning to change for the better. Gone are the all night howling sessions; the little pup has come on so much in the last week that she can now come with me on my daily walk up the hill to inspect the partridges. On her first trip, her main priority was keeping up with me, but she has developed sufficient independence in the last few days to allow her to have her own business along the way. She ranges a little way ahead, sniffing gamely at the various scents she finds in the rushes and reporting back to me periodically with up to the minute information on where the sheep are and what she’s found.

This morning, she found a partridge lying close to in the long grass and tried to put her foot on it. It burst into action and flew away, and she turned around with an expression that seemed to say “that was exciting”. It makes quite a change from her first day on the hill, when she flushed a blackcock by mistake and ran away in abject terror. She follows my progress inside the partridge pen with tremendous interest, and I can see her little face peering through the wire whenever I go inside to change their water or check on the hopper. Blind enthusiasm is the order of the day, and with the exception of her falling headlong into a ditch this morning, the Chayne is becoming her playground.

Long may it last.


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