The Black Grouse Mobile

After three years of working on the hill (and four cars destroyed on the tracks), I finally own a 4×4. Not that it’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word fourbyfour. The little suzuki jimny may not be your classic gas guzzling poser mobile, but it promises to be quite a little machine, and at the same cost as my last four cars combined, it had bloody better be.

Nimble as a mountain goat, the little car skips through the rushes without any of the bone grindingly expensive bangs which were characteristic of my former steeds, and the 4×4 high and low ranges have yet to fail me. The tiny size was initially a bit of a problem, but now that I have seen that you can fit twelve sacks of wheat, a rifle and a labrador puppy in the boot, I can’t really argue.

It now needs some slight modifications to turn it from civilian vehicle to gamekeeper’s battle bus and I could be looking at a real step forward. And to think that I used to drive through the heather in an H Reg peugeot 205…

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