Wandering Greyhens

Greyhens are popping up in unusual places

During the last few weeks, there has been alot of greyhen activity up on the hills around the Chayne. Not that these invisible birds have been making themselves particularly conspicuous, but they have been turning up in unexpected places. One greyhen in particular was flushed on Sunday and flew within a hundred yards of the house that I plan to move into in January, which bodes well for my selection of “location, location, location”.

This unpredictable movement is all normal behaviour, since young greyhens will travel up to fifteen miles in their first autumn in the hope of spreading the gene pool and preventing inbreeding when the spring arrives. The birds I’ve been seeing could be new arrivals on the Chayne, having wandered over from the neighbouring ground, and I just have to hope that they’ll stick around until the leks begin again.


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