Screen Sucker

A simple sucker makes an amazing difference

Everyone likes a good gadget, if only for the novelty value. My latest acquisition has been a screenlite kit for my lamping torch, and what a difference it’s made to my lamping up on the hill. All my lamping used to be done on foot with a gun light, but there’s so much room on the Chayne that it was difficult to cover ground on anything like the scale I needed to. Throw in the fact that I was having to carry a heavy sealed lead 12v battery over sixteen hundred acres of rough moorland and you can see why I’ve been losing interest in night shooting.

Enter the screenlite sucker, which sticks on to the windscreen of the new Jimny and rotates a lamping torch with full 360 degree arcs. As soon as you see something of interest, the lamp is held securely in position while you get the rifle up to your shoulder. I wouldn’t normally rave about a specific product on this blog, but the screenlite has put the fun back into lamping, particularly since I can now shoot from the window of the car. I had been keen on the idea of drilling the roof of the Jimny and putting a torch through the ceiling, but having heard of leaks and drips in similar circumstances, the sucker has turned out to be the best bet.


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