“The Black Grouse” takes shape

A last minute addition to the book - now in the final proofs.

The last few days have been incredibly hectic, heading down to visit the publishers of my black grouse book while trying to keep on top of the puppy and scouting around the hill for foxes. I caught the train down to England on Tuesday morning, and had the misfortune of sitting next to the ubiquitous drunk Scotsman who abused our fellow English passengers with xenophobic insults and persistent claims that Scotland will only really rise again one we have lifted the shackles of “foreign oppression”. It was interesting to finally meet a Scottish nationalist after twenty six years living North of the border, and can happily assume that if his fellow SNP voters are of a similar calibre, then the Union is safe for the forseeable future.

Seeing my book (entitled The Black Grouse) actually being put together on a computer screen was an odd experience, and all sorts of fond, wet-moss memories came drifting back in the clean publisher’s office as my illustrations were man-handled into position by the click of a mouse. It was exciting to think that I have been allocated an ISBN number, and all being well, advance copies of the book will be available in July for a release date in August. More details will be posted on this blog as the time approaches, but as I look over the final proofs, I must say that I’m quite pleased with all the work I’ve been doing for the past three years.

Keep your eyes peeled for publicity material in the next few months!


4 thoughts on ““The Black Grouse” takes shape

  1. Very exciting that your book is coming together. Look forward to seeing the results.

    Sorry about your fellow passenger. Of course he ma y be successful despite himself by making those south of the border less keen on The Union than those north of it. I see plenty of straws in the wind to that effect.

  2. Chris Land

    Great news about your book finally nearing publication, looking forward to it immensely, just one question why has that Greyhen got a big beak and long legs, it looks like a Curlew. As for the drunk racist that lot remind me of spoilt teenagers always arguing with their mummy and daddy about wanting to be treated like a grown-up but then finding last minute excuses for not standing on their own two feet, presumably because it’s far easier sucking on their mammy’s pappies than going it alone – we can only dream they wean themselves off the pappies of Mother England at some point soon

  3. Also looking forward to your book. Its an exciting time for this little pocket of Wales and your book will have an influence on how it develops. Looking forward to it immensely.

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