First Lessons

Very basic lessons for the little black beast.

In the past few days, Scoop has been introduced to her first lessons in retrieving. Using a stuffed canvas dummy, the little dog has been showing some great potential, particularly in her ever improving ability to concentrate, follow a scent and see a task  through. I’ve been throwing the dummy for her just a couple of times a day and making a massive fuss of her when she returns with the goods, and so far, she hasn’t failed me.

There’s obviously alot more work to put in with her over the next few months, but these early signs have been very encouraging. She is still having problems meeting new people, but she seems to be getting a bit better with it. She is shy, and when a stranger rushes up to her for a play, she’ll panic and run away. Anyone new in the house receives a good barking, but provided that I ignore her, she soon comes round. Out in the open, she always stays close by my heel but press her too much and she’ll run away.

I was worried that she’d be a nervy, yappy dog, but the more she comes out of her shell, the less I see it as a problem. Besides, it’s nice to have a dog that’s not being too overfamiliar and making a nuisance of itself.


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