The Letterbox Trap

Brand spanking new and built to last - the letterbox trap is bound for the Chayne.

A stroke of fine good fortune has today seen me on the receiving end of a prototype ladder trap designed and built by Solway Feeders. It certainly looks like a promising piece of kit, and given that I’ve seen similar contraptions working wonders on corbie crows from Caithness to the Peak District, I’m keen to see how it will work on the Chayne. In a few months, I should be able to give Solway Feeders some feedback on how the trap works and make suggestions as to how it could be improved (if at all).

Having identified some great sites for larsen traps on the farm last spring, I wonder whether I should use this information to site the letterbox, or whether I should set it up on one of three points on the high ground where all the crows tend to congregate early in the season. Advice and suggestions welcome, as always…



3 thoughts on “The Letterbox Trap

  1. We deployed three of these last year. We put therm out on the greens, about 200 yards from a wood. They worked incredibly well and we collected more vermin than ever before. Thoroughly recommend them.

  2. Snakehuts


    Having built and used many letterbox or ladder traps I would comment has follows.

    Firstly the trap should be sited in such a way to not attract attention from passersby if any could be about.

    Some type of perching and protection from the elements for the birds trapped should be provided, along with food and water.

    It’s difficult to build a trap which will hold all corvids

    1. Snakehuts

      The spacing of the ladder can allow jackdaws to enter and leave easily while keeping carrion crows inside.

      I wouldn’t be in too much of a hurry to close the top and allow the corvids free access to the bait for at least a week.

      And finally visit and attend to the trap at least once in any 24 hr period , despatching the trapped quarry humanely

      Good luck with you trapping

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