Spring Cleaning

These old panels need some work, but they'll do another couple of years with some TLC.

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than cleaning and disinfecting some pen sections? With plans to do some grey partridge rearing this summer, I brought in my small handful of pen sections last week and let them dry in the sheds. They held red legs this autumn, and following an outbreak of hexamita, I thought it’d do no harm to do a thorough job of cleaning them before they’re ready for their next tenants.

They need some new wire and a good coat of creosote before being put back into storage. I’ll maybe get a chance to build some new pen sections in the spring, but given that there is nothing seriously wrong with these old panels, I’m sure they’ll come in handy for something. From what I can gather, I won’t be able to get black grouse poults until the autumn, so unless I get hold of some eggs before then, I’ve got plenty of time to organise a proper set up for my captive breeding stock.

In the meantime, the rats remain elusive, and it could be that I need to put out some poison before I get any birds at all.



One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Kevin

    Im down in the Midlands and had a newly constructed pen for rearing greys, I got to the Autumn hoping to sort some birds to keep for breeding the following year and suffered a catastrophic attack on the pen from badgers, which tore their way into the pen killing a few birds but more importantly to me allowed the rest to escape, without a call bird or a natural local population of greys I only ever saw one grey in the area in the next year.

    Not sure if you have a local badger population on the site but be aware of them if they come a calling.


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