Time To Burn

No burning while the wet weather continues

We’re now getting into the prime heather burning season, but the last few days have been miserably wet and there seems to be no end in sight for the rain. I had a great day burning heather with a new moorland management project a few miles south of the Chayne, and I’ve been looking forward to doing some more. It’s not as if the heather down there couldn’t do with it – nothing has been burnt for several years and the undergrowth is really starting to get unmanageable. The grouse are crying out for some extensive burning, and although they were rising out of the thick stuff with a furious cackle as the flames roared, it’s clear that they’ll appreciate it in the long run.

I have fingers crossed that we’ll have a few dry days in the next fortnight, but from what I can see, there’s nothing expected but rain and more rain after that…


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