Technical Hitch

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" even without an internet connection.

After a huge thunder and lightning/hail storm last week, I’ve had no internet connection in the house – which explains the lack of new information on Working for Grouse. It’s frustrating because this is usually the busiest time of year for the obsessive black grouse enthusiast, and I now have a backlog of nine unpublished articles.

Rest assured that progress continues as usual on the hill, and the sound of lekking blackcock is hanging in the air. It’s heaven.


One thought on “Technical Hitch

  1. The challenge of rural internet! It caused me once to write a post on why I hated BT. It is a strong word but getting through to someone and having them take the absence of service seriously is enough to generate vitriol and bile in the calmest soul. Anyway, missed your posts and look forward to seeing them back

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