A terrible photo – all I seem to be able to manage at the moment

My larsen trapping regime has forced me to visit areas of the farm which are normally too inaccessible for me to go to on a regular basis, and I’ve learnt some interesting new things over the past month. I was forced to watch a fox charge away through the rushes yesterday evening when, for the first time in a while, I didn’t have my rifle with me (that won’t happen again), and this evening I flushed a greyhen on my way out to empty a cage trap. I managed to take a very bad photograph at quite long range in terrible weather conditions which proves what I saw, but I’m now worried about its significance.

It’s a bit late to be seeing greyhens out and about, and unless I pushed her off a nest (which I doubt, because she got up a long way away), it’s quite likely that she’s not sitting. It could be that she’s a late starter and has already laid a clutch which she hasn’t gone down on yet, but while I’m pleased to see her, it also causes some concern.


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