Tawny Chick

A tawny owl chick, blundering through the branches

Just wanted to post this picture of a tawny owl chick in the fir trees behind my house. I would never have spotted the little brute if he hadn’t been silhouetted against the last glow of the sunset, and he sat squeaking cheerily away to himself while I crept up and took some photographs. An adult tawny owl was flying between the trees a few yards away, and so not wanting to upset the family arrangements, I just crept away again once I had some good shots. As I was leaving, this chick (above) flew from his perch and crash landed into the top of a holly bush, where he flapped and struggled away with his stubby wings, trying to regain his balance.

If the midgies hadn’t been building in intensity, I could have sat watching him for some time.

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