The Mix

Seeds of all shapes and colours have gone into the mix

The time has arrived for the game cover crop to be sown, and it has been quite fun mixing a custom crop for the Chayne. After a great deal of humming and ha-ing, I settled on an odd combination of this and that which will now be drilled into the field which has been ploughed and rotavated.

The final recipe for what I am calling “The Chayne’s “Old Peculiar” Blackgame Mix Mk.1” are as follows:

30% thousand head kale, 25% stubble turnip, 25% stubble radish, 15% “bee mix” (made up of phacelia, borage and essex red clover) and 4% triticale. The final 1% was made up of a wild card mix of all the seeds we had lying around in the house, including a pinch of chili pepper seeds and a light dusting of brussel sprouts.

Once this mix has gone in, I will drill in alternate rows of oats by hand, as well as a little trial plot of sunflowers. Something is bound to catch, and then I can take whatever it is on for future plans.

The dour pessimism which characterises the people of southern Scotland (myself sometimes included)  has already cast a cloud over this game cover project, and my neighbours have put the black spot on it. They are quite sure that I’m wasting my time and money, but I’ve been blockaded and scorned from every angle over the past four years to such an extent that it’s all water off a duck’s back. They can grumble and gripe, but I’m quite convinced that it’s far better to have a bit of fun trying something new than it is to gloomily pass out the rest of my days looking at a hillside with nothing on it but sheep and corbie crows.

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