To brood or not to brood?

Make your mind up – broody or not?

For the last week, my two bantams have been dancing around the issue of going broody. They take it in turns to sit on the clutch of plastic dummy eggs, and one of them always sleeps on the clutch at night, but neither are really committing to the idea. Perhaps it’s because it’s been so hot that they just can’t face sitting in a sweltering shed for extended periods, and I hope that cooler weather might inspire one of them to get settled in to the task.

I’m getting a new egg every couple of days, so it could even be that one of them is unsatisfied with the size of the clutch and feels that it needs a boost before settling down on it. Either way, I’m glad I got my partridge eggs started in the incubator, because waiting for these two to settle down would’ve made things quite awkward otherwise. Hopefully, one will turn properly broody in the next few days and then I can put the incubator eggs under her and get started on the next batch.

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