Action Stations

A further addition – a black rock x bantam mongrel

I am in no way a republican, but there is a small part of me which grudges the Queen holding her birthday celebrations on such an awkward date. I now have two full broodies ready to receive clutches of partridge eggs, but the post hasn’t been operating and it’s going to be a struggle to get partridge eggs before the weekend.

The silkie x sussex bantam went into a separate coop this evening to sit on some plastic pheasant eggs for a few days, and my new arrival (pictured above) is already bursting to brood something. Inevitably, I have been longing for these birds to go broody for months, and when it all happened, I couldn’t get through to any of the game farmers I’d planned to deal with, presumably because they’re all eating cucumber sandwiches and waving Union Jacks around.

Hopefully, there won’t be such frantic pressure next year when I have a few more broodies to work with and I have a better idea of what to expect, but I must admit that I’m pretty peeved. I may crack before too long and buy some clutches of pheasant eggs from the game farm down the road, but that’ll only happen once every last fine strand of my patience has worn through and I can wait no longer to get started…

Even in a worst case scenario, I suppose that the black rock might getting on for being a little big for grey partridge eggs, and it could be that she’d suit pheasants better anyway.


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