Fighting for the pheasant egg…

July is a pretty dull month if you’re a ferret. Rabbits are all breeding, the grass is too long and work is out of the question. It’s just a matter of passing the time until the first frost, so my selection of four little bailiffs have been lying idle since the first week in March. They come into the house periodically so that they can let off some steam and tear around, and it’s been great fun to give them a damaged pheasant egg and watch them try and roll it around while it leaks onto the floor tiles. One of them tries to sneak it off into a corner to eat it, but it is quickly attacked by the other and a full scale squabble breaks out.

They are such fantastic little buggers, and I feel bad for them that summer draws on so long. Still, the rabbits are producing copious numbers of offspring up on the Chayne, so there’ll be a busy autumn and winter ahead…


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