Black Grouse (in book form)

Odd to finally see it “in the flesh”

Worth noting at this point that I received the “Author’s Advance Copies” of my black grouse book today! It’s been several years in the making, and much of the first year of this blog runs parallel to the events in the book, alongside a hell of a lot of research and travel around Britain. I took (and continue to take) great heart in the support I get from people who visit “working for grouse”, so thank you to everyone I’ve met, spoken to or been in touch with during the past three years.

It’s due to be released on the 9th August, and there’s a great deal to do between now and then. I’m booked in to do a “launch” at the House of Bruar on the weekend of the 12th, so if any long suffering readers are passing by over the course of that weekend, please feel free to stop in and buy dozens of copies…


2 thoughts on “Black Grouse (in book form)

  1. Patrick, many congratulations. I just placed my order with amazon and look forward to seeing it when it arrives. Amazon said they only had five copies left. If it is as good as it looks you have solved my presents problem for some time to come.

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