Game Cover Progress

I have a feeling that this may be kale?

After six weeks, some of my game cover is doing exceptionally well. My only problem is that I’m still having trouble identifying what is what. The turnips are quite easy to spot, and on the whole, they are contenting themselves by consolidating a thick mat at a relatively low level. By comparison, the radishes and kale are totally indistinguishable to my ignorant eye, although I have a feeling that the tallest plants might be kale.

There is alot of grass in amongst the mixture, which is cause for some concern, but I must say that since this is my first year of dealing with game crops, I’m just pleased that something has grown. Now that most of the plants are big enough to avoid the predatory advances of the local woodpigeon population, I just have to hope for some warm weather and things will look set for the autumn.

Why some plants should have grown quickly while others have been slow is a total mystery, but I suppose that Rambling Syd Rumpo was right when he vaguely surmised that “the answer is in the soil”.


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