Grouse FM

It’s been raining, so I’ve had time to make up silly pictures.

My interview on BBC Radio Scotland was as under-whelming as expected. I sat in Dumfries radio studio and two disembodied voices asked me questions through headphones for about twenty minutes. The resulting dialogue was cut up and put back together again as four minutes. As a result, there are some oddly structured answers and references to things which were edited out. I’m not altogether happy with it, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Despite telling friends and family all about it, everyone I know missed the broadcast. I’ll post a link to it HERE on the offchance that you’d like to hear me rambling on about the misleading concept of my attempts to “reintroduce black grouse in the borders”. The interview is at approximately 0:54:00.


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