I was listening to an episode of Hancock’s Half Hour when I painted this

Despite the fact that my book is formally “launched” on the 9th August, it would seem that some wholesalers have got hold of copies in advance of this date, and to a limit extent, it is now in the public domain. I’ve been giving interviews over the telephone to a variety of different papers and magazines (The Scotsman’s Sunday Supplement “Scotland on Sunday” will cover the book tomorrow) and it really seems like word is getting out.

Feedback has actually been encouragingly positive, which is a relief. It’s too soon for the majority of reviews to have found their way into the press just yet, but it’s very odd to think that my work has suddenly been made public. Looking through my presentation copy, it’s odd to see the illustrations which I turned out almost two years ago. Each one reminds me of precisely what was going on when I did it, and several will now be forever linked to the radio programmes I was listening to when I was working on them. Lots of Hancock’s Half Hour, Round the Horne and Steptoe and Son spring to mind when I look over the paintings, but also the specific days when I came rushing off the hill with a specific colour or shape in my mind, desperate to set it down on paper before I lost track of it.

I’m very pleased with it, but can’t resist feeling frustrated at one or two really minor details which I would have phrased differently if I could. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist…


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