Helicopter Attack

How the other half apply Asulox

I was woken up on Friday morning by a helicopter swooping over the roof of the house as it sprayed bracken. It was an unpleasant reminder of last year’s arm-aching days spraying Asulox from a leaking knapsack sprayer. The time is fast approaching for me to get started on this year’s spraying regime, so I should start getting ready.

I hate spraying bracken more than almost anything else. How much nicer things would be if I could summon up a helicopter to do it for me… Dream on.


3 thoughts on “Helicopter Attack

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Is this not rather late for spraying bracken? I heard recently from a very experienced head gamekeeper that maximum effect of Asulox was achieved when the bracken was actively growing. Surely at this late stage of the year/cycle bracken is almost beginning to die back in a lot of areas?

    Anyone got any comments on this subject?

  2. Mike,
    From what I’ve gathered, Asulox works when the bracken is growing and also when it’s going back. We only spray when it’s going back and see the effects the following year – We sprayed in the last week of August last year and it certainly worked brilliantly.

  3. C Kent

    You’ll not be spraying Asulox next year. It was banned as of 31 DEC 2011 and you have 12 months in which to use up any remaning supplies.

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