Flower Power

Borage and phacelia in amongst the game cover

This year’s game cover mix is turning out to be the gift that just keeps on giving. All very well, the radishes bolted and most of the kale seems to have washed away, but each step along the way has brought benefits to the hill. At the moment, the most obvious benefit is the amount of flowers and nectar available for the insects. I wanted to include this photograph of borage and phacelia growing in the field because both have done so well this summer. They’ve brought a whole new dimension to the crop, and it’s been a real pleasure watching them come up.


One thought on “Flower Power

  1. C. Kent

    You are fortunate to have some game cover that has attempted to grow.

    All of my plots have either been washed away, ravaged by slug or flea beetle.
    The only thing that has faired wel has been the chicory which will help next year but it not going to plug the gap this year.

    I’m hoping the july broad casted mustard will at least give us some cover for the partridges.

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