She looks stupid and she knows it.

Given that it’s the dog’s first season of proper work, she’s doing alot of working. So far, she’s learnt a hell of a lot but I want to make sure that it’s all positive and enjoyable for her. The past few times that we’ve been flighting ducks, she has got soaking wet and then freezing cold. Even in the time it takes for us to drive home again, she starts to really freeze and her ears feel like icicles. I’ve actually noticed that she’s not keen on getting in the car after flighting duck because she knows that it gets really cold, so before her reluctance develops into an active dislike, I thought it’d be worth trying a preventative measure.

Lots of dogs have jackets and bags which they use to keep warm and get dry after wildfowling, and the “Hottadog” seemed like as good an option as any. It’s pretty much just a microfleece pullover with short sleeves and a rolled neck, and the literature which came with it explains that it will allow the moisture to pass away from her body as she wears it. It could be a total dead loss and serve no purpose whatsoever other than to make the dog look foolish, but equally, it could be just the ticket as the first frosts start to come in and she’s picking ducks from ice rather than water. Although it doesn’t look it, it’s actually pretty easy to put on her, which will be a plus next time I do it when it’s dark and she’s soaking wet.

The proof will be in the pudding. Stand by for more details.

One thought on “HottaDog?

  1. C Kent

    I have sacks made from sewing 2 cheap sunday market bath sheets together along 3 of their sides to which I then sewed an old dressing gown belt on the 4th side. Place wet dog inside sack, pull together dressing gown draw string around neck and tie with a reef knot. Dogs gets dry, stays warm, sacks dries quickly next to the range. When the sacks get to smelly they get chucked in the wash.

    I stole the idea off a mate who been using an old canvas post office letter sack for years.

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