Tis the Season to Give Generously

Grey gold - using partridges to raise money
Grey gold – using partridges to raise money

Worth noting that as part of a Christmas publicity drive, the RSPB have enlisted the help of the turtle dove and the grey partridge. Both of these “iconic” Christmas birds are declining, and the only way that the nation can save them is by signing up to a monthly financial contribution to a charity that has almost reached saturation point for online advertising. We are all invited to “step up” for nature by opening our wallets and thrusting our money into the hands of the RSPB.

But when it comes down to it, who will the RSPB have to work with if they are really going to safeguard the future of grey partridges in Britain? Farmers.

And who is sick of being bullied and blamed for the decline of biodiversity in the countryside by a self-righteous suburban charity? Farmers.

If only the RSPB were as clever when it comes to engaging with landowners as they are at cynically manoevering bird species into the public eye in order to extract funds.

According to an RSPB press release*, the decline in grey partridge numbers certainly has nothing to do with terrible wet weather during the 2012 breeding season and is instead due entirely to the thoughtless actions of greedy farmers who, year by year, destroy the partridge’s traditional pear tree habitat.

*fictional RSPB press release


2 thoughts on “Tis the Season to Give Generously

  1. C Kent

    Given the RSPB’s political agenda since the early 1950’s I wouldn’t trust them, on any subject, as far as I could spit into a hurricane.

    As for their politically expedient self proclaimed role as guardians of nature…………please, a little less of the hypocrisy. I have a pulled chest muscle and laughing makes it hurt like hell.

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