New Year

A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air

And so here is 2013. After a long and perhaps a little boisterous evening, the first day of the new year dawned amidst waves of rain and sunshine. Heading up onto the hill with the dog, it didn’t take long to clean out the pipes and get things working again. I had hoped that the dog might have been able to find and flush a grouse to commemorate the occasion, but given that she was licking out dishes and cleaning up crockery from dinner until after 4am this morning, she was in a rather deflated state. A couple of roe deer got up out of the fallen bracken, but not even those bouncing white bottoms were enough to stir Scoop‘s interest. The best I could do was push her on ahead of me into the wind and hope for the best. On the last three hundred yards before crossing back down through the heather line, a short eared owl rose up ahead and flew down into the valley, but otherwise it was a grouse-less day.

I hope that this won’t be an omen for 2013. There is a huge amount of work to be done on the Chayne, as well as the first steps into some new long term projects out on the hill. The first of January may have been a slow start, but things will soon pick up.


One thought on “New Year

  1. Happy New Year Patrick.

    Firstly I wish you a very successful year ahead with all your projects and goals and secondly I look forward to reading your very interesting and educational blogs.

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