Broody Again

A very fancy incubator full of silkie eggs and silkie x eggs
A very fancy incubator full of silkie eggs and silkie x eggs

After a shaky start into the world of broody hens last year, I must admit that I am now totally hooked. The hens have been laying throughout Christmas and New Year, and although they are known for having a downturn in fertility during  the dark days of winter, now seems as good a time as any to sow the seed for future generations of feathery incubators. As a result, I have now filled an incubator with almost three dozen eggs. Two dozen of these are from my own hens – a white silkie cockerel running with a mixture of silkie x sussex (gold-top) and partridge silkies. I don’t know what these will end up like, but the silkie blood is always a good bet for broodiness.

As a bit of a novelty, the other ten eggs are a mixture from Cornwall, where my girlfriend went to spend Christmas with her family. She brought back an odd mixture of eggs from pekins, cuckoo marans x silkies and sussex x silkies, so it remains to be seen how these will turn out. What is certain is that when the rearing season comes round and I get my hands on partridge/pheasant/grouse eggs, I won’t be short of a broody hen – by 2014, the whole place will be covered in them…


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