Spreading my wings (into twitter)
Spreading my wings (into twitter)

Approaching its fourth year of existence, Working For Grouse is expanding (somewhat tentatively) into the world of social media. Things have changed so much since I started writing a blog at the start of 2010, and I daresay it’s time to keep up with the crowd. I have always been extremely flattered by how supportive visitors to this blog have been, and although it sounds like some sort of lonely grouse club, I have met lots of interesting people through this blog, many of whom are now good friends. Almost 60,000 people have visited Working for Grouse since it first started, which is the same as the capacity of Murrayfield stadium – a humbling thought for someone who has a chosen a career which means that most of my time is spent miles away from the nearest human being. Even more amazing is the fact that this has been almost entirely down to word of mouth – I haven’t tried to promote the blog in any way, and have just let it happen.

As of last night, I am on Twitter – which will make not the blindest bit of difference to most people who regularly visit these pages, but it might just cast the net a little wider and get a few more people talking about black grouse. After all, everything I do is connected to those birds in some way or another. I’ll see whether or not it is a useful or worthwhile thing to be playing with, and if not, I’ll just ditch it. After all, I can justify the time it takes to write this blog by the fact that I enjoy it and that it’s a great record to have of all that I’ve done. If Twitter turns out to be a waste of time then it’s out the window.

Thank you all for your support, and standby for the resumption of normal service.


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