Three Years Old

More work to do, as always...
Still going strong?

Just a note to say that Working For Grouse is now 3 years old – I missed the precise day of the anniversary because I’ve been in England having my horizons broadened on the North coast of Norfolk, where duck and geese are plentiful and where a strange little animal with glands all over its face can be found lurking in the long grass. When I get time to update the blog properly, great tales of 8 bores, gadwall and muntjac deer will start to appear on this blog, but until then, thanks again to everyone who visits, comments and supports this blog and the project it relates to.

Undiminished after three years, we now enter the fourth with grand plans for the future. There may not be big bags or mega bucks behind this upland conservation project, but I’m more certain than ever that it’s worth pursuing.

As ever, whether it’s missing foxes with the rifle, catching the crotch of my waterproofs on a strand of barb or falling into the burn (again) the only way is onwards, ever onwards…


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