Golden-ringed Dragonfly

A golden-ringed dragonfly
A golden-ringed dragonfly

Speaking of helicopters (below), I couldn’t resist posting this picture of a golden-ringed dragonfly that I saw yesterday morning out on the hill. I am always extremely impressed by these monsters, and this brute would have covered most of my hand if I had allowed it to land on me. It is interesting to compare it with the common darter I photographed in 2011 – at a first glance, all of these insects look precisely the same, but they are certainly different when you get a chance to see the two together.

The internet informs me that golden-ringed dragonflies are relatively common on moorland, although I have never knowingly seen one before. From what I can see, this one (above) is a female, making it the longest British dragonfly. Although having put my neck on the line by indentifying and sexing it, I await the comment of someone more knowledgeable to put me right…

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