Wind Damage

Wind damage
Farewell, dear hayshed

The past twenty four hours have been spent clearing up the damage caused by the storm on Thursday night and Friday morning. There are so many trees down across the Chayne that today has been spent entirely with chainsaw in hand, tidying up some of the messier spruces which fell over the fences and dykes. On the plus side, I was pleased to see that a massive old ash bough had fallen across the track at the back of the farm, and I keenly snipped it up and gathered it into the boot of the jeep.

There is another three or four days work still to do in order to get all the fences back up to speed, and one section of five foot high dyke which will take the best part of a week to fix back up. It is always tempting to patch up dykes with pallets and old gates until there is time to get round to doing a proper job, but I do try to fix them as soon as they are down. If they fall down the list of important priorities, they soon fall off it altogether, and broken or patched up dykes always look shabby.

The old black hayshed breathed its last during the storm, sloughing off great sheets of tin which now lie rolled up like curls of butter. It has been some time since there was hay in there, but it was taking on a new life as a general storage shed. I was considering putting a barn owl box in there this winter, but in the light of this development I’m quite glad that I didn’t.

In the calm after the storm, the world seems to have filled with fieldfares. During a break from the cleaning up operations, I had the ferrets out for a quick bit of mayhem. Over half an hour of watching them work, I must have seen several hundred of those chattering Scandinavian thrushes against the dark, gloomy sky.


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