Northern Lights

Catching the tail end of a major display
Catching the tail end of a major display

It turns out that while the rest of the nation was marvelling at the Northern Lights last night, I was out in Dumfries. By the time I got back at around eleven o’clock, I discovered that I had been missing out on quite a show, and there was only a pale glow to the North on a stunning clear frosty night. Using the camera on a thirty second exposure, I managed to get a bit of green on “film” to record the sighting, but it was frustrating to have missed the bulk of the display, which looked extraordinary from the Highlands.

Some of the photographs being published online at the moment look stunning, but there is so much digital tweaking going on that it is impossible to tell if that is actually what the thing looked like. I’ve had to use some jiggery-pokery on this picture (above) to bring up the green so that it is clearly visible, whereas in reality it looked like a very early and almost imperceptibly coloured sunrise which very slowly changed shape and moved around.


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