A Cuckoo’s Nest?

Could the pale egg be a cuckoo's?
What a pale egg…

This afternoon might possibly have led to one of the most exciting discoveries I have ever made on the Chayne. Walking back from checking my larsen traps on the back hill this afternoon, I put up a pipit from her nest almost at my feet. By standing back and craning my neck, I could see into the nest and found that there were four dark brown eggs inside. The closer I looked, the more I started to see that one of the eggs was much paler and slightly larger than the other three. I may be getting way ahead of myself here, but compared to all the other identical pipit eggs I have seen in the past week, this is a weird one.

Suffice it to say that if I have a found a pipits nest which has been parasitised by a cuckoo, I will be over the moon. I’ve wanted to find a cuckoo’s nest for years, and it will be fascinating to keep an eye on such a novelty. I have marked the precise location of the nest with a series of photographs of my stick from a number of angles and will go back again to check on its progress in a week.

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