Greyhen’s Clocker

Quite an item
Quite an item

Having been confined to the doldrums of dysfunctional BT internet for the past ten days, I have been building a backlog of posts and images which should have been up on the blog by now. I hope to be able to work these through over the next week, and thought I’d start with a quick note on a greyhen clocker which we found while wandering over black grouse country in the South Grampians on Friday. This monster puts a red grouse clocker in the shade, and it is an encouraging sign that all is well as the black grouse hatch approaches.

I daresay it is somewhat indelicate to write a blog article about a jobbie, but this is the freshest greyhen clocker I’ve ever seen “in the flesh”, and it is all part of the larger black grouse picture.

It may be that there are readers who are unfamiliar with the concept (or even the name) of clockers, so it is worth mentioning that these are the massive droppings left by broody birds when they come off the nest. Black grouse produce prodigious quantities of droppings under normal circumstances, but a sitting hen can only move her bowels once a day, and sometimes even less than that. It should be no surprise then that when she can make it off, the result is so resoundingly enormous.


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