Home Sweet Home

Otters in the gloamin'
Otters in the gloamin’

Many thanks to everyone who came to visit the Heather Trust stand over the course of the weekend – it was a great chance to meet readers of  this blog for the first time in person, as well as catch up with others who have been in touch for the past few years.

The weekend was fantastic, but it was a tremendous relief to finally get into the car and head down from Perth last night. Pausing for a moment in Dumfries to get a pizza for supper, the sound of swifts screaming overhead made me think it was worth “eating out” on the banks of the River Nith which flows right through the centre of the town. My girlfriend and I drove down towards Kingham Quay and pulled up within earshot of hissing bus brakes and shouting drunkards to enjoy the river’s low gurgle. We had hardly eaten a slice of supper when two otters appeared directly at our feet and began to gambol and play just a few yards away. It was a fantastic end to a very long weekend, and after an absence of five days, it reminded me that there’s no place like home.


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