Trail Camera

Several hours of blizzard footage - not the best start.
Several hours of blizzard footage – not the best start.

Having longed for a trail camera for years, I was delighted to take receipt of a demonstration model belonging to Solway Feeders last week. Told to put the TASCO camera through its paces, I took it straight up to the Chayne and set it on the fence line where the harriers have been in evidence over the past few months. I hoped to catch a closeup of a ringtail, but would have been amply satisfied by a kestrel or even a bitter old corbie crow.

As it happened, I set the sensitivity settings to their highest level without really knowing what I was doing. When I brought the SD card back home this morning and plugged it into the computer, I was excited by the fact that I had 2,284 10 second long videos. As it turned out, the camera was on such a hair trigger that it was set off by a sustained blizzard which lasted from 18:15 on Saturday night until well into Sunday. I have some spectacular footage of blurry snowflakes whistling in the wind, but nothing to show in terms of wildlife photography. The courageous little camera had worked for as long as it could, and I still can’t tell whether it was the battery life or the card capacity which gave out first.

Working on a subject slightly closer to home, I set the camera at my flight pond this evening. Fingers crossed for some very close-up footage of wigeon and teal tomorrow morning.

As I learn to use this camera, I am constantly filled with more and more ideas for subjects I’d like to play with. Prepare for much more to come.


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