Working For Grouse Birthday!

A couple of blackcock at the Langholm Moor Project

I had an email yesterday from WordPress (this blog’s publisher) to let me know that I have been writing Working for Grouse for five years. During that time, I have seen the visitor statistics rise month on month – amazingly, hundreds of thousands of people have come to read about the Chayne from across the world. Despite having made no real attempt to publicise it, I have created a monster – and I have my friends and well-wishers to thank for it.

People sometimes ask why I bother writing a blog – I work as a writer, and surely the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is sit down and write some more. The truth is that I love writing it, and it has put me in touch with a fantastic range of people who have become good friends over the last few years. If I was sufficiently nimble-witted, I could probably find some way to make some money out of Working for Grouse, but that doesn’t really feel like the point of the blog. It is an absolute labour of love, and I am delighted that it has given so many people so much pleasure over the last few years.

Blackgame have fallen to the bottom of the list in terms of subject matter over the past few weeks, but make no mistake – they have not fallen off the list of my priorities. As the spring comes on, the boys in blue will come back to the forefront.

So watch this space for 2015, and thank you everyone for a fantastic start to Working for Grouse!


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