Sound Demos

Sound recording demos

As part of a series of video projects, I’ve recently had to buy a new microphone for my camera. There will be much more on this to come, but suffice to say for now that I had some success recording skylarks and snipe yesterday on the Chayne, and I think the results are quite impressive.

I’ve got a Rode videomic mounted on my Sony a55 DSLR, and I’m really pleased with the set-up. I’ve been filming birds and wildlife for the past fortnight, and I produced a short video (uploaded at low resolution to save time) which is visible (or audible) HERE. This was meant to demonstrate the sound quality, but I find myself listening to it just for the sheer delight of the sounds, both of which are becoming more and more prominent as April kicks in. The drumming is hard to capture because the birds move in such wide loops, but it is certainly audible, even in this low quality reproduction.

I tacked on some black grouse footage at the end too – it’s not exactly award-winning, but it’s too good to delete or forget about. And just like that, Gallowayfarm had a TV channel.


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