Heather Trust Auction

Grab a grouse
Grab a grouse 

Worth noting at this point that the Heather Trust Auction has just gone live after a great deal of sweat and tears. Regular readers will know that I work with the Heather Trust as one of my “day jobs”, and it is certainly a great cause worth supporting, but I’d draw your attention to Lot 109 – “a day’s grouse shooting for two on the Criffel Shoot in August” which our syndicate is offering for the first time in 2015.

The syndicate ground has featured prominently in this blog over the past few years, and the day promises to provide some fun for anyone fit and enthusiastic enough to tackle rough, remote country in pursuit of a grouse or two. There is no guarantee of a big bag (or even much of a bag at all), but there will certainly be good shooting in beautiful surroundings, with the prospect of a cold bottle of cider waiting in the flowering heather for the lucky winners. It’s no Wemmergill, but it’s a great way to spend an August afternoon.


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