Cattle Plans

creep feeder
A grand plan coming together

Having been visiting in-laws in Cornwall over Christmas, I’ve returned with a mighty list of chores on the agenda with my first cows coming early next week. I committed to buy two six month old black riggit galloway heifers in September, I now have the chance to buy two more before the cattle float is loaded up and the beasts are brought over to my parents’ farm near the coast.

While they are still young, they are going in with half a dozen spring calving suckler cows in an attempt to calm them down and give them an easy first winter, and once they are settled down they will go up into the hills and kickstart a new angle on the Working For Grouse story. I headed over for an evening’s duck flight last night in the roaring wind and found that a friend has lent me a creep feeder so that the calves can be fed separately from the cows, but water troughs need work and a section of fencing needs to be restored if the calves are going to be secure. While gritting my teeth at the not inconsiderable financial outlay of this new venture, I must admit that it’s extremely exciting.

One thought on “Cattle Plans

  1. Robert Dick

    All very interesting and exciting Patrick – good luck with your new farming venture – thank you so much for giving such pleasure to me and I am sure dozens of others who have followed your fascinating blog during 2015 – and best wishes for 2016

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