Snipe Eggs

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 19.21.51
A beautiful clutch

Worth recording the triumphant discovery of a snipe’s nest on the Chayne. I’ve been looking for a nest for the past few years and never quite pinned one down, but having found chicks and predated eggshells several times, this was the first I’ve seen on my home turf. It was beautifully tucked away in a little tussock of rushes and long grass with a few threads of greenery overhead in a miniature canopy. I literally stumbled on it as I came back to the car, and I might have walked right past if the hen hadn’t flushed silently by my feet. The cock was with her, and they both glided away for a few hundred yards on set wings like paper aeroplanes. I managed to take a quick photo before moving on, although I did mark the location of the nest against a nearby fencepost so that I can keep an eye on it. I see from my notes from previous years that I’ve found snipe chicks by the 28th and 29th April, so perhaps these eggs will soon be hatched and away.

The trapping season seems to be dominated by lots of young or immature crows with brown backs, and while it is satisfying to gather these birds up and out of harm’s way, the real targets should be the breeding pairs which are currently keeping their heads down. Since the arrival of ravens on the farm, several of these breeding pairs have been evicted from their favourite copses and are now proving much harder to catch. The battle continues, and with snipe eggs lurking in the grass, the stakes are high.

One thought on “Snipe Eggs

  1. Rupert Stutchbury

    is it still legal to trap Ravens? I’m quite surprised, and if so I can’t see the life of me why it is illegal to kill a sparrowhawk and legal to kill the much scarcer Raven. What is the logic here?

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