Birthday Cows

The gang

Small celebration is due to the approximate first birthday of my four riggit galloway heifers.

Although the grass has taken a long time to rise, they are finally getting a good bellyful and no longer require silage. I have a project to resurrect an old 1950s pattern cattle crush which has been abandoned on the hill for decades, and I soon hope to have some kind of handling facility in place so that I can get up close and personal with them. They have calmed down a great deal since they first came to me in January, but while one or two have allowed me to casually pat their heads, they certainly didn’t enjoy the experience.


One thought on “Birthday Cows

  1. Katie

    Lovely heifers Patrick! We have 2 of their cousins here and I like your comment about them being so “friendly”! Somehow, we plan to get ours broken to show at Dumfries Show. Going to be fun!! Love your website too – so interesting! Well done you ..

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