Summer Absence

The first kid of 2016

This blog has been surprisingly quiet over the last few weeks. You could interpret this silence as a lack of inspiration, but in fact the opposite is true – so much has happened that I simply don’t have time to sit down and write about it all. Curlew chicks, nesting nightjars and the first young grouse have combined to strike a synchronised blow to my working day, and I’m spending a great deal more time painting and drawing as torrents of inspiration come drifting in through the open windows.

This blog represents the distilled essence of far more detailed notes which I have kept for over two years. I record everything I see and do on the hill, and the combined total set down since May 8th 2014 amounts to almost half a million words – it’s reaching the stage at which the cost of printing is prohibitive.

So just because the blog has been silent says nothing about the countless hours sitting, watching and learning in the heart of the Galloway Hills over the last month – it’s a constant motto of this blog for me to say “more on this to come”, and almost invariably time does not allow for the promised “more”, but I will try and convert some of the observations material for public consumption in the next week or two.

But for now, I’m very pleased to share this picture of a roe with her kid – the first I have seen this year. I think that the kids were dropped around ten days or a fortnight ago, but I could only judge this on the condition of the does. This little rascal provided the first physical evidence of his generation’s arrival this morning shortly before 5am – what a cracker, and hopefully the first of many more I’ll see in the next few days.


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