Moody Beasts

Irritation and caution in equal measures

The cattle are lowing. They don’t want to be gathered for fluking, so we have fallen to a protracted conflict of baiting them in to the pens. Over the course of the last few days, I’ve been gradually feeding them closer and closer into the race, and they will soon be confident enough to have the gate closed behind them. Then they can receive their trodax injections and have done with the whole business for a few months.

Their wild craziness is a result of a satisfying summer on the hill. We haven’t had to gather them (or even touch them) since they arrived in January, so it’s hardly surprising that they should be a little wary of us. The situation is compounded by one heifer in particular – she is as wild as fox and spreads bad vibes whenever we try and gather. Bit by bit we’re wearing her down, and one of this winter’s key objectives is to tame all the beasts so that they’re easier to handle in future.

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