Owl Box

Owl box securely in situ

I had promised myself that I would find time to install my new owl box before New Year, and I just managed to meet that target this morning on a cold and blustery trip up the hill. I built the box in October from pieces of For Sale sign, and it will be interesting to see what the owls make of a plastic box. To prevent it getting sweaty, the floor is made of chipboard and I have spread it over with a loose scattering of soil and leaves.

The new hay shed is a perfect spot for owls, and the quantity of scarts and owl feathers strewn around the wool bags and hay bales suggests that they are already visiting. Despite hundreds of acres of superb hunting habitat for barn owls, there are few viable nesting places on this side of the farm. Everybody loves barn owls, and I have high hopes that I might soon have some visitors. I’ve dabbled with owl boxes several times before, but never with much success – thanks this time to the Barn Owl Trust for the design and dimensions of this new model…

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